Recent audits have confirmed the high level of the Tuscan Hydraulic Quality System, oriented towards a line of continuous improvement for its products and services for the most complete customer satisfaction.

Management System Certification



Process Certifications

Certified welding processes following ASME IX

Welders qualifications according to ASME IX – EN ISO 9606-1-2017 – UNI EN ISO14732

NDT performed by EN ISO 9712:2012 qualified operators

Railway Certifications

UNI CEI 11170

AFNOR NFF 16-101

DIN 5510

EN 45545


Job Certifications

PED 2014/68/UE

Product Certifications

Canadian Registration Number 007003 – Full CRN

Type Approval ABS –Flexible Hose : 16-GE1543053-PDA - GH

Type Approval ABS – Flexible Hose D12: 16-GE1586857-PDA - D12

Type Approval Bureau Veritas – METALLIC HOSES D12: 61379_A1 BV

Type Approval DNV – Flexible Hoses of Non-Metallic Material: TAP00000HZ

Type Approval DNV –Metallic Expansion Joints : TAP0000049

PED Categoria II

Type Approval DNV – Stainless stainlessness tubes: TAP00000J0

Gif certificazioni